1. Josh Walker

    Kia Ora (means hello where I come from)

    I just wanted to ask you something (apologies if it’s off topic) do you allow other people from overseas such as New Zealand come to Mooseburger camp or not?

    I’m just curious by the way and maybe want to have a go at it




    • Hello Josh! Yes, we LOVE to have clowns from overseas join the Mooseburger family. Please come to Moose Camp. We will send you an email with more information. Good on ya!

      • Josh Walker

        Coolio, I’m on Facebook as well so you can message me anytime oh plus I’m not a clown but I would like to learn how to be one

        Unfortunately I won’t be able to come next year I believe due to getting through other things such as my study, learning how to play guitar and finding a job. I just turned 21 two days ago and just need to get used to “adult life” but I may be able to come over some other time, I plan to go to the States sometime with my mom so maybe I could join then (whenever we go of course).

        Thank you for replying though 🙂


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