1. Dear Tricia,

    Thank you! Thank you for putting together the Clown Summit to brainstorm and discuss what to do about the art of clowning now!

    We (Cheerful Clown Alley) talked about the Clown Summit last night at our monthly Alley meeting in Houston. We have two representatives coming to your Camp this year. Linda (Noodles) Cooper came last night to present your Summit idea. She asked us to spread the word throughout our Alley asking for ideas, which we will certainly do! She is excited about coming to Mooscamp!

    We usually have a clown school every year. We have done this for nearly 30 years. It starts in June. So far we have one student registered. We don’t know how to get more people interested in joining the fun. I know that Joe (Tiny) Luce has been trying very hard to get more interest.

    Again, thank you for trying to come up with a solution to the dwindling numbers of clowns!

    God bless you,
    Pam (Touche’) Blacklock
    CCA President

  2. Jan Ruby. (Wife Kathy)

    While we can’t attend Moosecamp this year, my wife last week had a total knee replacement we have been fighting the fight for 15 years. We have had some luck over the years getting on local tv and in newspaper especially about our hospital docs program we did for over 15 years. I would like to see clown matches at local state capitals and even a march to Washington. We need local, state and national coverage. We should go to state governors and lobby for clown day state proclamation as an art for healing through laughter. We could even do some fundraiser for a national cause for sick kids and maybe even veterans. I’m a vet and have done great ideas. I am willing to help how ever I can. Thanks for all you do. God Bless. Jan Ruby. Jelly Bean, Springfield il. Cell. 217-341-7982


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