1. Merry Pockets aka Mary Margaret

    The time in Portland when he took the fall for quite a while about the missing Mooseburger shoes and sincerely had no idea why you were giving him such a hard time. When all the while it was me holding them. It was a great show to watch, and he was so funny, and you were so thinking it was Steve. And there they were under Frosty’s table in the dealer room.

  2. Cathy

    We had a convention in St. Louis one year and our theme party was a costume party. I remember him and some of his friends coming in with these fantastic costumes and props. What was neat that he was tall to begin with and with costumes he looked like a giant. He was a gentle giant in his own way. He will truly be missed.


  3. Lorraine McCartney

    Ah, Peachy Keene (Steve Long). What a wonderful person! I can and will always remember spending time with him at Clownfest in Seaside Heights, NJ. He loved the boardwalk! He loved to teach all about props and how to use them. Oh yeah and the skits! Sometimes you just can’t stop laughing! My favorite would be the Stagecoach skit. For several years he would deep fry a whole turkey under the Aztec Hotel and boy was that good! He will forever live in my heart, as he will for many!
    Kookie aka Lorraine McCartney

  4. Connie Kennedy

    I LOVED the way Peachy would wiggle his clown nose! The first time I met him he was sitting down in full costume and looked directly at me with a VERY serious look on his face. He then proceeded to wiggle that clown nose of his. I was giggling in no time!

    I also have a wonderful prop made by him – a fish full of holes aka “holy mackerel!”

    • john c sullivan

      I saw Peachey at last Macc. in Harrisburg, PA He looked Ok and was there with his stuff. He was very sharing funny and caring. Peachey P positive E engertic, A able C caring E enthusiam H hearty Y youthful G B say hello to Sweet. See you soon but not right away. LOL Splash John.


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