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  1. In 1970 I joined the Detroit Fire Dept. and became a member of their clown team. We started to go to clown conventions and that is were I met Betty Cash. We would set around the hospitalty room at night and talk about clowning. I loved to compete against my friends. That was also where I met HAMBONE the clown. We were both Shriners clowns as well and built a great friendship and bond. Betty intoduced me to JOHN THE SHOEMAKER who made me a pair of brown and yellow patten leather clown shoes that I only wore with Bettys costumes. I would win some and Hambone would win some. Johns shoes were boxed away and are like new in my clown room. About three years ago I received an email she was going out of business and I called her and we talked about the good old days. I ordered a complete costume from her that I use only once a year for 33 shows at the Wilson County Fair. What a GREAT LADY; Her name is like yours Pricilla it will also be part of clowning. Roger DOODLES THE CLOWN Reeves. Cookeville Tn. Retired Detroit Fire Department.


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