Pricilla Mooseburger

Well, I originally hail from Maple Lake, a very small town in rural Minnesota. But, after entering the world of clowning in the early 1980’s, I now have traveled all over the world and the United States sharing my love for the Art of Clowning. I have criss-crossed this country with my van full of costumes and teaching supplies more times than I can count!

In 1989 I established Pricilla Mooseburger Originals (PMO), a clown costuming company. We revolutionized the market by encouraging individual custom designs, and consequently encouraging individual clowns to new things. And just recently, we have branched out into other areas of costuming, such as holiday characters, theatrical designs, and historical reenactment. It’s a whole new world for PMO!

I LOVE the Art of Clowning, and have devoted the last 3 decades of my life to it, with no end in sight. I love teaching and watching people learn and grow. There is nothing more exciting than watching students and customers discover new things in themselves!

More importantly, I have championed the cause of encouraging clowns to break out of themselves and dare to attempt to be great clowns. In a world where we are encouraged to fit in, I hope I inspire them to stand out and be the best clowns they can be!

2020 Moose Newz

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Trying something new

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