1. Jack "Polyester" Kramer

    I got some great performance ideas at Midwest Clown Association conventions, but needed to practice them before an actual audience. The answer was a local apple orchard. What? Yep … it’s a large operation with a store, restaurant, games for the kids, pumpkin farm, petting zoo, etc. A few years ago they asked me to come to their charity chili cook-off, and I’ve been a regular there ever since. I asked if they’d mind if I came at other times just to try some new gags and they welcomed the idea. It’s been great fun and is a great opportunity to sharpen my skills. I don’t go there every weekend, just when I’ve got a free day staring me in the (clown) face. A side benefit is that in appreciation for my being their “resident clown” I get the employee discount on any purchases, even though I perform gratis.


    • Jack, leave it to you to find an uncommon solution to a common problem! You are amazing. 🙂
      Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. I hope my readers get some ideas from your comment. Keep up the great work!


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