1. Iris Whittkaer

    Thanks for the info on beating the heat. For us in Florida, that’s year round. You’ll find us melting away in our Christmas parades. Light weight costumes are invaluable for us.

    • Knosey

      My problem is my makeup cracks. I use the barrier spray and fine powder then mist my face and lay paper towel on it to set. I’ve had success with not using powder but then you have a transfer mess
      Anyone give me feed back? Only been clowning 4 yes for Kosair Shrine Funsters.
      Thanks All

  2. Larry aka Smokee

    Thank you so much for keeping in touch. I just played the sweat problems off. Its so nice to see someone cares enough and understands problems with the heat to taketime to find solutions. Well back to my fan conditioned box head!


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