1. Douglas Palmer

    I have several different clown characters and they all are centered around one person…”Freddy.” But each character has their own outfit and personality. I think my favorite is “Dr. Doodle.” I really enjoy going out as him. I also love my big chicken outfit. He is so much fun <]:o}

  2. Ohoho the clown

    My predecessor clown character had a costume–always the same. He only lived about 5 years.

    Ever since I was born in 1981 I have been developing a WARDROBE with mix and match items and plenty of accessories, so I always dress for the occasion–and for the weather! My primary color is red, so over the last two years I have been sharing items with (and borrowing from) jolly old Nick, who also has a growing wardrobe.

    With lots of love and giggles,


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